Introduction to CopyandPay Options and API


COPYandPAY version 4 introduces 2 JavaScript variables cnp_Options and cnp_Api for modifying the behavior of COPYandPAY.

These new functionalities provide more control over the look, feel, and behavior of COPYandPAY.

Also, the options that these two variables offer are now the only way to change COPYandPAY's behavior. All other functions of the library are now considered internal and we've made them invisible to users.

The advantage of this approach is one the one hand that the options below are very visible, easily accessible and understandable extension points to adapt COPYandPAY's behavior. On the other hand this approach also makes it impossible to inadvertently break existing behavior by overwriting functions that were supposed to be internal (and as such subjects to change).

Please refer to the following articles for further details:

CopyandPay Options:

CopyandPay API:

CopyandPay UseCases:


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