Determine which risk checks were triggered for transaction


Yes it is possible to determine via our API which particular risk checks were triggered for a transaction:

However, this is possible ONLY using our XML QUERY interface.

For each payment transaction an RM.RI will be triggered using the same TransactionID. What you can do is to send after the payment transaction finishes, you trigger a Query using the following example with the same TransactionID.

In the <usage> field, you will find all the risk checks triggered.

Sample Query:

<Request version="1.0">
<Query mode="LIVE" level="CHANNEL" entity="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" type="STANDARD">
<Period from="2014-08-24" to="2014-08-24"/>

and a response like this is returned:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Result response="SYNC" count="1">
<Transaction mode="CONNECTOR_TEST" channel="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" source="SYSTEM">
<Payment code="RM.RI">
<Usage> ib.cb iw.em S</Usage>
<Processing code="RM.RI.90.00">
<Timestamp>2014-08-24 14:59:38</Timestamp>
<Status code="90">NEW</Status>
<Reason code="00">Successful Processing</Reason>
<Return code="000.100.112">Request successfully processed in 'Merchant in Connector Test Mode'</Return>
<RequestTimestamp>2014-08-24 14:59:38</RequestTimestamp>


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