Important: SSL Certificate Update notification (For merchants using key store for SSL Certificates)


Dear Customer,

We like to notify you about the following SSL certificate updates:

SSL updates are shortly required for all the red marked URLs in the table below.

PLEASE NOTE - Only those merchants using a key store for SSL certificates have to perform this update.


Timelines for SSL certificate updates:

  • expiration on 5th of August 2014
  • expiration in January 2015
  • Significant change for the new TEST and LIVE certificates:
    • The public key algorithm changes from RSA1 to RSA256. The key length of 2048 Bit will NOT be changed.

Please execute the following actions:

  • Notify your technical team about the certificate update on the TEST system and the algorithm change.
  • You can download the new SSL certificate for the TEST system here:
  • You should update their key stores with the new certificate accordingly.
  • You can start using the certification from 5th of August 10 a.m. CET onwards.

For updating key stores please have a look e.g. on following links:

The new SSL certificate for the LIVE system will be provided in a separate email within the next months.

Please contact us for any clarifications you may have on this topic.


Thank you

Your Peach Payments Team

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