What do I need to consider when integrating the Web Payment Frontend (WPF)?


Once your technical/development team has successfully integrated the WPF to your back-end they then need to ensure that any security sensitive data is sent directly to Peach Payments without ever touching your back-end.

Usually this check is initially done through us but we also require the client side to also run tests. This is especially important when the card networks may carry out random tests on your website. When they access your page and the form where the payment data needs to be filled in they usually only have to right click the mouse and call the menu item “show source” (might be named differently in other web browsers).

There they can very easily detect if the data is sent directly to Peach Payments or not.
If we or Visa/Master detect any violation of our contract concerning the mandatory use of the WPF we are required to suspend your account immediately.

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