Can I restrict the displayed payment methods in the Web Payment Frontend?


You can optionally restrict the payment methods and payment subtypes a end user should see and select from in the WPF.

Typically a merchant’s account is setup for a set of payment methods on the payment server. By default all these methods are selectable for a WPF user.
If there has already been a pre-selection of the payment method on the merchant’s site, a merchant might want to prohibit the end user to change this in the WPF.

Therefore it is possible to restrict certain payment methods in the WPF.

The following example shows how to show only german and austrian direct debit to the WPF user.


Another example shows how to display only all Credit Cards to the end user: </code> FRONTEND.PM.1.METHOD=DD FRONTEND.PM.1.ENABLED=false FRONTEND.PM.2.METHOD=CC FRONTEND.PM.2.ENABLED=true </code>

If you do not specify any information with these parameters all payment methods configured on the payment server are selectable to the end users.

Find a list of all possible parameters in the document “POST Inteagrator Transactions” chapter “1.19 Frontend Parameters”.

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