Refunds to closed accounts and cancelled cards




We processed a refund

My customer says that his card was cancelled (account was closed). His refund has not reflected as yet.

Did this refund bounce back?



Get Peach payments proof of refund (Verified via Nedbank Card Acquiring) - You can get that here

Customer would need to check with their bank (Issuing Bank), to confirm status of funds. They would need :

- ID

- Proof of refund document (attached)


Proof of refund - was successfully processed 

Had the customer checked with their bank before this query ? If so let us know if you have more info from their bank.

Confirmation from Accounts / Finance department - Refund amounts are not in company bank account

You may check to confirm with your accounts department whether the refund went was included in the batch settlement. You then know 100% that Spree paid out the refund and FNB should advise their customer.



Please contact if you have already taken the above steps. 



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