New IP Range and upcoming data center migration


Dear Merchants, 

We have previously been in touch with respect our upcoming data center migration project.

We currently have the upgrade and migration scheduled for June/July 2017.

In advance of this upgrade, customers and merchants who only allow connections from pre-approved IPs will be required to whitelist the new IP ranges of our data center environments.

The IP ranges for these new environments can be found below. The whitelisting additions can be performed at any point prior to the migration. EU2 IP range EU2 static IP, NAT / use if acquirer is not able to handle IP ranges Limerick live static IP; NAT on disaster recovery / use if acquirer is not able to handle IP ranges Limerick IP range Salzburg (Stage) SBG- IP Range Salzburg static (Stage) SBG-IP use on if acquirer is not able to handle IP ranges 
Limerick Staging: Range only 

In the event your firewall service / provider does not allow you to whitelist sub-Class C IP ranges - please get in touch with their support to see if this is possible.

If the only option is to whitelist Class C, then the following ranges should be whitelisted:

o   Limerick Staging:
o   Limerick Production:
o   London Production:

Merchant Action required:

  1. Please add the above IP ranges to your whitelist 
  2. Please DO NOT REMOVE existing IPs for now

Peach Payments and our suppliers have extensive experience and a proven track record of success with data center upgrades and migrations, and we recognize how critical our hosted applications are to your business.

In order to minimize any risk of interruption to service, the existing data centers will remain available to provide resilience as required.

Kind regards,
Your Peach Payments Team

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