WooCommerce - What currency does Peach payments support in South Africa (ZAR)

This article gives you more information on pricing in foreign currencies, for merchants with WooCommerce (Wordpress) integrations.
More info here : Woocommerce currency info


Due to South African Reserve Bank restrictions, the primary currency needs to be set in the local currency (ZAR)

Also to note : the amount that will be charged would always be slightly different to the expected, since different banks / card schemes use different rates and may also levy additional charges on the customer.

Recommended solution:


Give your international customers an indication or representative amount that they can expect to be billed on their customer's statement, before checkout :


Add text to your products, to give an APPROXIMATE converted price, in your customers' local currencies :

ZAR primary currency in Woocommerce with Peach plugin not supported yet for PayPal in South Africa (at the time of writing).

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